Before we outsource to India, MarthaUnplugged is having a tag sale!

Where I come from this is actually referred to as a “garage sale”.  If you’re looking for Fiestaware gravy boats or chic and rusty garden tools, you won’t find any here.  However, while going through some of our intellectual property we noticed quite a few unused ideas and dusty brainstorms that were taking up just too much room in the old noggin.  So it’s time to de-clutter the cupboard.

The following post ideas are gently used and would be new to you so why not take a look to see if there’s something here that fits.  Please, no early birds–everything is considered as-is condition and there are no returns or exchanges.

Mother’s Day Hangover. As in: Mom, I want to make you breakfast in bed but would you mind cleaning up the egg-crusted pans and sticky substances on nearly every kitchen surface when we’re finished showering you with affection?  There will be plenty of bickering all the livelong day, just to keep it real.  This post idea is a steal and yours for the low, low MarthaUnplugged price of…well, make an offer.

Here’s one you might need…If You’re Reading This, Get Off My Ass.  As in: Some of my favorite bumper stickers.  This post comes with several bumper sticker ideas.  i.e. The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things or Have You Hugged Your Llama Today? or Pat Paulsen for President.  Just think, with a nip here, a metaphor there–you’ve got yourself a lovely made-to-read blog post!

Cinco De Mayo’garitas: This post was conceived a few weeks ago and was meant to be  a taste test of all the muy delicioso margarita recipes I’d planned on compiling (sampling) for 5/5. One thing lead to another (over-sampling) and now it’s gone to the curb. Highly recommend the Golden Margarita or Margarita Cupcakes…

And what tag sale would be complete without a “free” box?  So here for the taking are a few post ideas that only a mother would love.  Please, no shoving–there’s something for everyone.  If you see my hook rug of the Last Supper, please leave it because I’ve just found the yarn for John the Baptist’s hair and I might finish after all…

Ode to rhubarb: A consideration of this lowly plant and all it’s tasty potential–add 8 cups of sugar and voila! a delicious dessert.

Vintage crochet:  Antimacassars–what are these for?  Did folks in the early part of the last century have so much body oil that they had to protect their furniture?

Thanks for coming to the sale! It feels so good to purge the old ideas once in a while, now I’ve got plenty of extra room to generate some really important ideas like…like…huh, I got nothin’.

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11 Responses to BharatUnplugged

  1. Gretchen says:

    Wonderful! Another to post to FB! You are amazing!

  2. angie says:

    What color was John the Baptist hair, its a big controversy in the Catholic church.

  3. WSW says:

    Unbelievable as this might seem, I was planning a salute to rhubarb, but then I got Martha’s monthly missive which included, you guessed it, an ode (along with about 50 recipes) to rhubarb. And now this. Back to working through the block. Scooped again.

    • seejaytoo says:

      Don’t despair! It probably won’t happen again at the rate that I post–once every third Friday, depending on moon phase and my general mood meter. Have you considered the gooseberry…?

  4. angie says:

    oh for Gods sake, a gooseberry is the sister to the blueberry but just can’t dance.

  5. This is freaking hilarious.

  6. seejaytoo says:

    Gentle schmentle…you’ll feel better knowing that it’s not exactly a frenzied pace of posting around here. Lovely to have you following, Stacie…BTW: GemGirl is a beaut. I’m also a GemGirl!

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