Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

NOTE: Martha is still recovering from her Spring Break Staycation.  This guest post was written by Amigajoolee.

Sometimes I make lists of all of the amazing thoughts that enter my head within an hour. I frequently intend to write about each item that trespasses upon my need to concentrate on important things like laundry and bathroom cleaning and sometimes I actually get it done; the writing, not the household chores. Forget those.

On this fine Spring morning I am preparing to get walked by my Pekingese through Lakefront Park. Lakefront Park meanders north and south along the eastern banks of the St. Croix River, with 100-year-old oak trees and paved pathways that crisscross throughout the park. There is a particular intersection where the curbside parking overhangs one of the paths.  I slide my Pontiac Vibe into the last open parking space.  My poochie dog and I get out of the car, hitch ourselves up to each other, and begin making our way down the sidewalk that runs along the front of the parking spaces.

Looking down over the railing to the path below, I see a woman, long blondish hair clipped back, windbreaker, sneakers, ready to take a stroll. She is pausing and looking behind her. Had she looked upward just a little, she would have seen us right above her on the overhanging sidewalk. But unaware of our presence, she is quietly waiting there. At first I can’t see for what or whom, and then, just out from underneath my overhead perch, pops Superman.

Superman is about 2½ feet tall. He has the same color of blondish hair as the woman, only his is cut short, wetted and combed like someone who is about to get a school picture taken.  Superman is wearing his blue cape today, with the red S on the yellow triangular background smack dab in the middle of his back. The spring breeze flutters the tips of the cape impressively. He is not sporting the Lycra leotard, however. Today it is black jeans with a black hoodie sweatshirt, hood protruding out from the collar of his cape. Black tennis shoes blink little red lights along the soles with every determined, Supermanesque step he takes.

I am convinced. This is Superman for sure. Oh, and he has a light-saber in his hand, which he proudly brandishes from side to side, undoubtedly the prize he’d won, fairly and squarely, in a skirmish with Darth Vader himself.

It is obvious that the woman does not feel secure unless Superman is right by her side. She waves to him to hurry toward her. He quickens his blinking steps and they continue away from us.  What originally seemed to be an easy-going constitutional for her is now evident to be a mission of great importance. There are bad guys to apprehend, I am sure. Wherever they lurk, he will be watching with his X-ray vision, ready to overpower the enemy with his locomotive strength.  I’m thinking that she’s so lucky, to have none other than Superman by her side.

They disappear from view, navigating the Metropolis of Lakefront Park. They are safe. He will protect her. And if trouble does come their way, he will grab her up and fly her through the air as fast as a speeding bullet. The mission accomplished, they will arrive home where she will thank him with hugs and kisses and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (hold the Kryptonite) then gently tuck him in for his afternoon nap.

The Pekingese and I walk on with an extra, albeit unblinking, bounce in our steps knowing that there is truly good in the Universe, and that Superman is really real.

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